Home Decorating Tips of 2019

Every year home decor trends change and new styles come into the market. Last year there had been a huge demand for rose gold, exposed lighting and subway tiles. This year however, new designs have caught the eyes of people. There has been a greater focus on the classic designs this year. Everyone wants to stay up to date with the latest trends and decorate their homes according to what’s in and what’s not. Here are a few top trends and tips for home decoration for the year 2019.

The feature most people look for in interior designing is uniqueness. It has been seen that people are buying things made by local artists to give a better feel to the environment. Natural as well as hand crafted materials are more in demand this year. 

Technological trends had taken over 2018, but 2019 is all about natural things- copper, stone and granite have become the most commonly used materials that are believed to add an organic and classical touch to your home. 

Velvet which was known to be old fashioned till 2018 has been leading again in the market in 2019. Velvet has become a reflection of a luxurious lifestyles. 

If you want your house to look exactly as you have imagined it to be, you can custom build it. There are many custom home builders in Adelaide. You can see what’s trending and then plan on how you want your house to look.

You can also design your home using some DIY tips. Baskets on the wall can be a great idea and a cheaper one too, you can put towels and perfumes in it to make bathrooms look organised.

Every household has empty jars and bottles waiting to be used for something. You can use them to decorate your house by filling pebbles, candles or anything that adds beauty to it and place it in your living room. 

Monochromatic designs have also become a new trend this year. You can choose customised colours and the custom builders will make your home look attractive by creating beautiful effects on your walls and floors. Pastels can be used if you are not satisfied with extremely bright colours. 

Nothing adds more beauty than nature. Having space for greenery is a top trend for making your homes look attractive. A garden full of plants and beautiful flowers where you can keep customised pots and bowls filled with water for birds will make your garden look lively. 

Once you find a great builder, building custom homes becomes easy. They will be aware of the current trends and the fresh styles and designs your homes using these, thus bringing an up to date as well as an attractive look to your homes. Some of the best custom home builders in Adelaide are Beachwood homes, Riviera group and Klemm Homes. You can visit their websites and get in touch with them to get the best experience for custom house building. 

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