Bye Bye Baby Bumps

Are you finding it REALLY difficult to get rid of those extra kilo’s, especially the ones which can creep on during the colder months?

If so, you are not alone.  A lot of my patients are reporting that the usual things they do at this time of year to have more energy, reduce the number of fat cells and build muscle are not working for them.  This can especially be the case as we become more mature in age.

NUMBER 1 TIP – I know some of you may not want to hear this, but you have to move your butt!  Period!

I am sorry, but it’s just not gonna happen otherwise.  I have met so many people who give a good imitation of being ‘allergic to exercise’ I am starting to think it is an epidemic.

After all these years as a health practitioner, I KNOW when the exercise component is missing it is going to be difficult to achieve and maintain your goals.

Not only do you need to START an exercise regime, but you need to DO IT and for the rest of your life.  AND, you will feel FABULOUS!

What do I mean by exercise – at LEAST 4 sessions a week for 40 minutes or more which make you sweat out the small stuff.  Build up to this gradually.  I would recommend enlisting the help of a qualified trainer.

NUMBER 2 TIP – eat to maximize energy and metabolism as well as balance the myriad of hormones which are excreted in our bodies – this is not just a woman thing, men can suffer from hormonal imbalance as well.

I have outlined a hormone balancing, energy and vitality boosting dietary and lifestyle program in my book ‘Radiant Women – simple steps to better menstruation and menopause’.  It is quite simple in many ways.  All you need to add to it is self-discipline.  Can’t go into detail here, but it works for most people if who actually DO IT.

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