What To Look For In A Daycare Checklist

When finding the right daycare for your child it is important that you consider multiple options before finalizing. Look at all the essential components that need to be part of a good day-care and then evaluate each option based on the criteria.

If your child needs special attention then you should be also considering such specifications. The most important factor is that the childcare you chose must achieve legal compliance with child care services.

1.   Environment

The environment is one of the major concern when you are looking for child care for your kid. The moment you enter the premises you will feel if the place is welcoming or not. It is essential that the child should feel at home.

2.   Security

You need to check if there are plenty of CCTV cameras all over the place and if there is someone who is monitoring the activities daily. You can no leave your child in a place where they are not secure. Moreover, you need to check if the guard at the gate let you in without any question. This helps in understanding the sense of security they maintain.

3.   Management

Look at the number of staff present at the daycare to facilitate the activities. Look if the manager went out for supervising staff on duty, this helps you in understanding if they care about their responsibility. You also have to observe the number of caregiver and the children under each. You need answers to some questions like; is the caregivers trained?  

Is the staff qualified or certified in what they are doing? Is the staff responsible? In case of any complaint against the staff, what action is taken?

4.   Health and safety concerns

Having kids around is always fun but a great task, keeping up with safety is one of the essential element that everyday care needs to keep up with. You need to observe if there are stairs then are their proper railings and staircase lock installed. Is there enough ventilation system so that there is no suffocation and also look at the air filtration system to have an idea about the allergies present in the air.

5.   Mealtime and menu

Don’t forget to sneak peek in the kitchen, observe if it is clean and tidy. Observe if the utensils are properly stacked and cleaned after the meal. It is advice that you visit the daycare at the expected mealtime, so you can witness everything on your own. Ask them if they have a proper diet plan for children of different age, or they offer the same food to everyone. In case if a child feels hungry, then would they be provided with food?

6.   Daily routine

Daycares do have a daily routine that they follow in order to create discipline. In case they do not have any set routine then remember your child would be doing whatever they want to and it can harm their disciplined at home as well.

Once you have perfect daycare, you will have time for some self-care and to take care of your beautiful lawn.

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