How Can I Improve My Lawn Naturally?

A healthy green and natural lawn is what everyone desires. But, it needs careful planning.  The first step is to know if your grass is green, yellow or brown. Colours can help a lot when identifying if grass needs water, nutrients, or pest control measures. It is important to know when to water the grass? Why fertilizers should be used in spring? And why seeds are planted in summer?

Following tips may help in restoring the lush green and healthy grass:

Keep the Grass high

It is a usual misconception that your lawn needs constant mowing because the grass keeps growing, and it isn’t good for aesthetics. The crew-cut approach to cut grass and avoid weeds from destroying grass isn’t the best way to improve your lawn naturally. Because plants and grass need the sun to grow, the heightened grass can  photosynthesize even more and grow naturally without using fertilizers and harmful chemicals. Sunlight is a natural weed killer in the Australia.

This makes the grass blades healthier. If a mower is used, keep the blades sharp, and ensure it’s a clean cut, rather than harsh tearing that can damage the grass. Next, when the grass is clipped, let the clippings decompose on the ground rather than removing them. This can help in increasing nutrients and moisture for the grass. Above all, earthworms themselves will help in decomposing in a natural manner.

Know When to Water Your Lawn

Although water is an important ingredient for a healthy and natural looking lawn, it can become a problem its level is not maintained. The soil may lose its moisture if water is lacking, and may get destroyed if it’s too much. For this, a balanced approach is needed.

A good solution to this problem is to water your grass for a longer duration, but fewer times. Watering grass once or twice a week can be a good practice. If new seeds are planted in summer, water should be given on a regular basis in the initial days, else the seed might not flourish. Another good tip is to water in the morning because watering the grass in the evening can lead to fungus due to excess moisture.

Using Natural Fertilizers

Fertilizers play a big role in how your lawn grows? How often you need to maintain your grass? And ensure that the grass stays healthy. Many fertilizers have excess growth chemicals that can help grow grass fast, but their chemical reaction with water and sun may result in death of soil in the long run. It’s important to use organic, natural or seaweed fertilizers, but apply them in either spring or fall.

Organic fertilizers may be costly, but their effectiveness in growing natural grass can reduce pest control costs of the future. Organic fertilizers have animal excreta such as slurry, peat, and guano, vegetable matter and human excreta that helps soil stay healthy and increase pest attacking microbes that reduce weeds and fungus.

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