6 Tips to Add Life to Your Home Office

For mothers that have been working from home either due to the pandemic or because they choose to work from home in their daily lives, it can be a struggle. Especially if the environment is not as supportive. By this we mean if you have a crying baby in the background, you are working on the dining table where you just had breakfast or if the room you are working is poorly lit, your productivity and energy level will be greatly influenced by your surroundings.

This is why we have decided to give you a few tips that will actually make you want to work from home and add life into your home office. Not only will you want to work and be more productive, but you will also feel good about the work you are doing. Below given are the few tips you need:

  1. Pinterest

When we are in an office, at times we can get over stimulated by the environment because it is so busy. Hence, we believe that you should use Pinterest responsibly for taking home office set up ideas and make sure what you choose from actually increases productivity and does not distract you from what you are meant to be doing.

  • Ergonomic rules

It is believed that you should keep your screen at eye level. What this will do is that as you read down the screen, it will moisten your eyes automatically hence reducing eye fatigue. We believe following such rules of ergonomics will help you feel more productive and energized. You also should keep your keyboard parallel to your floor and make sure your feet rest firmly onto the floor. If you are short, add a foot rest.

  • Natural light

Natural light is important for our bodies. Not only is it a source of vitamin D, but it also helps energize our body and make us feel better mentally. This is why we suggest if you have windows in your office, you should open them up. If you can, install skylights in your home office just to let natural light into the room. You can look into skylight replacement services in Melbourne for more information.

  • Lamps

When you only have overhead lighting, working in it usually is not as appealing as you would want it to be. To create a more comfortable aura in the room, we suggest you add in lamps.

  • Storage

When you have a home office, the main struggle that most people tend to have is that there are papers everywhere. This is why it is extremely important that you get a storage system for your papers just to make sure your children do not mess them up. Even though filing cabinets are not the prettiest, they usually get the job done.

  • Comfort

Even though the desk you have is for your active thinking and for working, we believe that having a sofa or a comfortable corner is just as important. Not only will it help you take a break by moving into a comfortable spot, it will also help stimulate thinking as a change of place can help enhance your thinking process.

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