10 Things You Need to Set Up a Home Office

The covid-19 pandemic has made home-office a necessity and a lot of unprepared people have been going bonkers on where to start with setting up a home office. Even if you are a new mum running a business, you will need to set up a home office for days when your little one needs your attention at home.

Setting up an office in your home can be quite a daunting task but if you plan it well, you can achieve it in less than a day.  We have listed the 10 essentials you will need to set up a home office

  1. Your Computer: Of course you will need a personal laptop computer or desktop to work efficiently from home. Laptops are now available for affordable rates all around Australia, especially since the marketing of refurbished laptops is booming.
  2. Printer & Scanner: In order to print and review the necessary documents and send back your review, you will also need to have a printer and a scanner at your home office. You can buy refurbished printers at APS solutions for a great price.
  3. High Speed Internet & Router: You will also need to install a high-speed internet service at your home as well as a good router which enables cross-device connectivity. Internet speed is very important because a lot of times you will be required to conduct cloud-based audio and video meetings and attend corporate conferences and seminars where you can surely not use the bad internet excuse.
  4. A Desk with Drawers: A spacious desk with at least 2 drawers for keeping essentials is very important for your home office. Reserve a room for your home office and furnish it with a medium-sized desk to house all your electrical equipment including printer, scanner and of course your laptop.
  5. A Comfortable Office Chair: Since you are going to spend most of your time sitting in the office chair, you need to make sure you have a comfortable office chair. You can buy a pre-loved chair for a relatively lower cost from a budget store.
  6. Proper Lighting: Make sure you have adequate lighting in your office. Install a lamp and perhaps a roof-mounted LED light to take care of lighting needs. You can also add a few lamps or other illuminating boxes to add life to your home office.
  7. Voltage Control/Surge Protector: Don’t forget to buy a voltage control or surge protector to secure your electrical devices from a surge or voltage that could damage them.  
  8. Backup Hard Drive: Also get a backup hard drive and back up your data regularly to avoid loss of crucial data in case your laptop malfunctions.
  9. A Power Supply Backup: Even though power outages are rare, but a fault in your electrical wiring or stormy weather could lead to a power outage. You need to have an uninterrupted power supply or a backup generator to make sure you stay connected.
  10. Storage Shelves: You will also need several storage shelves or drawers for your home office to keep any files and documents that you might need.
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