As exciting the preparations for the arrival of a baby is, it can be quite overwhelming, especially for first time moms who have no idea about what’s important and what’s not when it comes to shopping for the baby. Here’s our list of baby girl essentials every mother should own.

CLOTHES: While you might find every newborn baby clothing cute, it is best to buy just a few pairs of everything because infants outgrow clothes fast. Baby clothes should not only be comfortable but also durable as they will need a lot of washing and cleaning. For starters, new mommies could buy a pack of onesies, leggings, socks, baby blankets and a few soft frocks or skirts for when you want to up the dressing game for your child. As a new mother, it is also important that you buy some summer clothes for women to keep you comfortable while you manage mommy duties.

BOTTLE & PACIFIER: Feeding bottles and Pacifiers are super important for new born babies and infants. Buy some cute little bottles and pacifiers for your baby as they not only help you feed the baby but calms them down when they are agitated. It is best to buy at least 3 different sizes of bottle ranging from 3 Oz to 10 Oz so that the baby can feed conveniently.

COT/CRIB: Comfortable sleep is important, not just for the baby but for the mother too and what is better than having an exclusive and secure spot for the baby to sleep. Baby cots/cribs are essential for the peaceful sleep of the baby.  You don’t have to spend a fortune in looking for the right baby stuff, you can always find inexpensive baby stuff in Australia that will keep your budget under check and allow you to afford all the luxuries for your kid.

BATHER: Babies are delicate and sensitive, but they need to be bathed, and in this regard baby bather is essential, some other bath accessories that you will need are baby bath shampoo and soap along with a soft baby towel.

HEALTH BOX: Born babies are prone to fevers and allergic reactions as well as dryness. To combat all of it, you can prepare a health box which includes

  • Baby thermometer
  • First aid kit
  • Petroleum jelly or Vaseline
  • Cradle cap brush

BABY GEAR ITEMS: It is important to have baby gear which allows the mother to keep the baby fastened comfortably in place without having to carry her around while doing house chores or shopping, or going out of home for other important work. Some essential baby gear items include,

  • Stroller
  • Baby carrier
  • Baby bouncer
  • Playpen

 BABY BAG:  Baby bag is absolutely necessary for new moms. It helps you keep all of the baby essentials in one place and comes really handy when going out. You can keep spare clothes, diapers, baby feeders as well as some of your baby’s favorite toys.  

You can always check out Australia’s top mom bloggers for more tips and advice on parenting and managing the rest of your life around it once you have a baby.

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