How to Keep Your Kids Safe on the Internet

The world of internet is quite diverse as it allows you in depth information and free access to almost every sort of information blurring the lines of age appropriate content. With the fast paced rooting of internet in our general households, every sort of content is now conveniently accessible.

Every parent tries to chisel the lives of their children scrupulously in terms of choosing their interests, academics, career etc. However, in the age of the internet a more important question is whether the uncontrolled influx of information can be contained?

As a parent, have you ever walked onto your child using a mobile phone or laptop and see them flinch at the sight of you and shut off their laptops or mobile? It happens because they don’t want you to meddle in their affairs and what they do online.

There are countless ways in which the ways your children use the internet and age inappropriate content can be filtered from your child’s. Here’s how

Lead by Example: Sometimes we forget to accept the fact that our children follow us in our footsteps. Whatever we do, will have an equal impact on them. If the parents time more than necessary time using the internet, the kids are bound be attracted to the same habit and eventually suffer from information overflow if unchecked.

Limit their Screen time: It maysound cliché or imposing, but as a parent you need to draw certain boundaries for your children to make sure that they don’t pick up on bad habits. Limiting the screen time is very crucial to a child’s development. It can not only cause a drop in eye sight, but if unchecked, it can lead to your kids acquiring information long before their legal age.

Importance of personal information: It is our foremost responsibility to make our children understand the importance of internet safety. Kids today need to know that personal information including house address, phone number; personal I’d number should never be shared over any email, notification or message. It is very important that you speak to your kids about internet safety and let them know the issues associated with it.

Acquire Access to their Devices: It is very important for parents to have access to not just the phone but any other electrical device being used to access the internet. NBN Business Plans with Ace Communications allow you to monitor any activity that has been done using the internet through a simple mobile app. You can always keep a strong check on who’s watching what while you are away from home.

Spend more time with your children: A lot of parents find it easier to engage their children with the content on the internet instead of spending quality time with them. This leads to kids going deep into the world of internet and being exposed to things which their brain is not ready for. Instead, parents could choose to spend quality time with children, watch a movie appropriate for family or play a game of cards. There are tons of activities parents could do with their children.

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