10 Quick, Easy Self-Care Tips for New Moms

Post natal period can be quite stressful for any mum. With a baby to look after and tons of new chores to do which she hasn’t been used to before, a new mum can very easily neglect her wellbeing and go down into depression, which is why there has been an increasing debate about postpartum depression in the recent times.

Here are some great self-care tips for new moms

Meditate: Meditation helps a great deal to combat stress and depression. For a new mum mediation can do wonders to keep the anxiety levels low and increase a new mom’s productivity. You can download meditation mobile apps available online that will set the perfect meditation routine for you.  

Postnatal workout: Work out is important whether you have just given a birth or you are already important. There are exclusive exercises for pregnant woman which help them with the delivery of the baby. Similarly, experts have curated postnatal workout for recovery after giving birth.  Once the baby is born, the body takes a lot of time to heal and regain its composure. While a new mother might not find time to take care of her own body, having a healthy body is key to functioning normally and eventually taking care of the baby. Postnatal work outs can help a great deal in regaining physical strength for new moms.

Self-Pampering is Good: Pamper yourself with a facial or a massage. Hire a baby sitter for a while, or perhaps let someone in your family or friends baby sit while you take a relaxing break and get a facial and massage. While you manicures might not last long, you can also choose to get it done just to feel good about yourself.

Take a Baby & Mother class: Sometimes only getting out of home and meeting new people can be helpful when it comes to dealing with post partum depression. Sign up for a mother and baby class and while you get the chance to meet new people, you can also learn some hands on experience on baby handling. This works wonders for first time moms.

Cleaning & Decluttering is Therapeutic: If you cannot leave the baby at home with some, there’s something you can do at home which can be equally rewarding. Cleaning and decluttering a room is quite therapeutic. Pick a room in your home and rearrange all the things. Start by cleaning your wardrobe and move up to the shelves and the storage compartments.

Make you Home Baby Friendly: Nothing makes a new mother happier than creating a happy place for her baby. If you have a home with stairs and lots of high and low grounds, its high time you make it baby friendly. Install baby fences and invisi gard doors around the house for the safety of your baby. Kitchen is another place where you might want to add reinforcements to make it safe when the baby walks around. You can read our list of how to keep your kitchen safe for the kids.

Take Early Naps or sleep while the Baby sleeps: Sleep is indeed a majorly sought blessing for new moms. While you may not get enough sleep, adjust your routine around your baby and sleep whenever he sleeps so that you feel rested. Make yourself and your baby your first priority and everything else comes next.

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