Exercise Tips for When You Are Pregnant

Are you expecting a baby and worried whether you should exercise or not? Well, we hear you!  Let us clear it out that exercising during pregnancy is pretty much possible and in fact, it helps you with safe delivery if done right. However, you need to rethink it if you have been of the opinion that one-exercise-fits-all.

This is certainly not how it works because every single pregnancy in this world is different from the other. Even two blood sisters won’t have the same experiences during their pregnancy.

Here we have tips to share regarding safe exercising during pregnancy.

  1. Don’t Go for Exercises that Give You Strange Pains

The idea that exercises help with maintaining a good health is so deep-rooted that we fail to realize the downsides to it. Sometimes, women tend to go overboard with their exercising regime in an attempt to make the most out of their session. This only increases the risk for injuries and sprains. Avoid it when that happens even if your sister’s friend claims it to be the best during pregnancy. No matter how light the exercise, listen to your body first. Go for safe and fun workout options.

  • Keep it Light to Moderate

You need to think about the little human growing inside you when you are making any decision while being pregnant. You are going to hurt yourself and even the baby if you choose to go for high-intensity exercises with lots of kicks and jumps. It is recommended to go for light to moderate exercises to keep yourself and the baby safe. And don’t worry! Health benefits would not reduce if you lower down the intensity of your exercise. Exercise is great anyway!

  • Keep Yourself Hydrated

Exercise and hydration go hand in hand. The need to keep your body well-hydrated increases when you are conducting regular physical exercise. This is because the body temperature rises during exercise and there is a lot of sweating. You need to drink lots of water to make up for all the water lost through sweating. It will help you in preventing heat strokes and even cramps. No doubt, water is a magic potion for all.

  • Go for a Walk

Walking is by far the safest way to keep your body physically active. If other forms of exercise haunt you then simply go out for morning or evening walks to the park nearby. Walking is one exercise with the least risk for injuries and it puts minimal pressure on your joints. Walking after your meals will also help you with maintaining sugar levels and getting rid of gas or acidity.

  • Warm Up Before You Start Exercise

No exercise should be started abruptly as it puts a lot of stress on your muscles and joints. Warmup before you hit the real exercise. This will make the exercise a little less difficult and painful for you. Your chances of getting cramps will reduce. Once you are done exercising, don’t forget to cool down.

However, you must consult your gynae before you start any exercise or look for experienced pregnancy chiropractor if you wish to get chiropractic done. Also, follow Australian mothers blogs for regular flow of information regarding pregnancy and more.

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