Fall 2020 Jewelry Trends

Having the right type of jewelry is one of the best ways to make your wardrobe exciting as ever. We simply love wardrobes overflowing with unique and fun jewelry. We believe that even a pair of earrings can glam up the simplest of outfits. Also, in the fashion world, the type of jewelry you carry talks about your personality just like colors do.

Lately, we have been seeing some not-to-be-missed jewelry trends for fall 2020. This is just the right time to make you all aware of it because fall is not too far and you must all be stocking up your wardrobes already.

Here we go!

  1. All About Pearls

If there is one thing that can never go out of fashion, it’s pearl jewelry. We are really not surprised to know that pearls will be trending this fall. You can incorporate pearls in various silhouettes and even make unique statement pieces out of it. If not, then you can simply go for sleek and classic designs. One of the best things about pearls is that they are versatile. You can pair them up with any type of outfit and they won’t look bad.

  • Chain Style

Chains continue to make waves in the fashion industry this year as well. From chunky chain style earrings to bracelets, you can do it all. Also, you can go for any type of colors ranging from golds to silvers to bold shades of your favorite color family. You can keep the chain style necklace extra-long or short. You can play with it however you like. There is absolutely no hard and fast rule.

  • Circular Elements

Jewelry designers have been experimenting with their designs and adding some mind-blowing design elements. On the runways forecasting fall 2020 jewelry trends, we have observed circular design elements. This is quite a news for hoop lovers because they fall within the same category. However, this time, you will see some different and modified styles of hoops.

  • Starry Nights

Are you someone who is forever obsessed with twinkling stars? Well, then this must be your favorite jewelry trend for Fall 2020. Models have been seen sporting blingy jewelry with stars as design elements. It could be in your earrings, pendants, and even rings. These are something you can definitely wear on your best friend’s wedding or the ball evening.

  • More of Diamonds

Add a little more to your diamond collection because they will be back in action for fall 2020. However, this time more dramatic yet glamorous styles will be expected. Swinging earrings, bib-style necklaces, and collar necklaces with diamonds dropping are what you should be stocking up on before the season arrives.

Adding your own thing to the fashion trends never hurt anybody. You can buy Moissanite loose stones and bring an exclusive touch to your new collection of the jewelry. Experiment your heart out because there is absolutely nothing to fear. With that, go for color coordinating your outfits with the jewelry you intend to wear.

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