The Power of Red

For a long time, red color has held symbolic meaning across many cultures. Some people believe that it is the color of romance – for example, red roses. Others associate it with sexuality – a good example is Lady in Red. Moreover, some others have associated it with physical aggression like blood.

In the fashion world, color is known to evoke some feelings – masculinity and femininity to cravings and emotions. A more recent Canadian study has shown that around 90 percent of consumers’ first impressions have their base on the color alone. Some other studies have proved that the color of your clothes can effectively communicate your level of intelligence and status to other individuals. Your dressing decisions do not influence what others think of you solely, they also affect how you think of yourself.

Red triggers emotions

Red is proven to captivate people. Research that the University of Rochester conducted showed that waitresses who had on red lipstick received more tips than those who wore other colors did. Red color reflects energy, strength, and power. It carries a lot of authority and studies have shown that it can cause some other experiences like fast breathing rate and heartbeat because it stimulates the nervous system.

For that reason, most psychologists advise people to be cautious when wearing the color. Avoid being gratuitous because over-wearing red might cause irritation in the people around you. A study that involved athletes showed that those how wore red had higher chances of winning because the opponents saw them as dangerous and a big threat.

Red is a color for all seasons

Blue and red color combination is a perfect choice for all seasons and a choice for most women. To transform your appearance, you just need a pair of jeans, a tailored red top or jacket, and killer heels. You will display business on the top and party on the lower part. You will appear sexy and smart and remain in casual appearance.

Some people rarely go beyond Breton striped shirts. It is a good example of French Chanel-inspired appearance if worn with a red blazer and a pair of jeans. Some people choose to wear to crisp white shirts underneath their jackets to highlight the brightness of red color and to contrast their blue pair of jeans.

It is a good color choice for plus-sized women

A red color is perfect for plus-sized women, but that does not mean that you should start wearing red from head to toe. Perhaps, you have been wearing bright colors without planning for them. A red shell under your black blazer will not look like a big deal and a red top with black pants is doable.

With women plus size tops, you will not need to dress to fade into the ground if standing out is possible. No one will point and start laughing at you if you wear red, orange or purple. No one will go throwing rotten fruits at you for being in a red jacket.

At the worst, some people will make malicious comments, but their opinion will not matter – you have already survived the worst. In other words, do not hold yourself back. Dress in red to prove to the world that you are dazzling.

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