5 Reasons To Take Your Kids To The Dentist

Your kid’s teeth form an important part of their smile and help the kid chew foods like yummy pizzas and crunchy apples. For healthier teeth, flossing and brushing are important, but your kid will have to visit a dental office regularly to keep the teeth healthy and strong. Here are some of the reasons you should take your kid to the dentist regularly.

–          Cleaning and flossing

Among the people you are likely to find in a dentist’s office is the dental hygienist. A dental hygienist is an individual who knows everything about keeping the gums and teeth clean and healthy. They will check the mouth to ensure that the teeth are growing well and the gums are healthy. To do that, they will shine a bright overhead light down into your kid’s mouth to check the condition of the teeth and gums. They will then clean and polish the teeth using tiny tools like mirrors, tooth scraper and special toothbrushes. A tooth scraper will effectively remove the plaque from the teeth and leave your kids with white teeth.

–          Check for cavities

During a dental visit, the dentist will take pictures or x-rays of your kid’s teeth. The x-rays will show cavities that might be hiding in between the teeth and possible gum problems. Cavities are rotted or decayed parts of the teeth. An x-ray does not hurt and takes a few seconds.

–          Fluoride treatments

During a dental visit, you should expect fluoride treatment. The natural compound, fluoride, makes the teeth stronger and prevents cavity occurrence. During the dental visit, the dentist will apply fluoride gel or foam to your kid’s teeth. Mostly, dental offices provide fluoride treatment with flavorings like grape or bubble gum. The fluoride treatment takes around 1-4 minutes and advises your kid not to eat or drink anything – including water – within 30 minutes after the fluoride treatment.

–          Correction of the shape and position of the teeth

The dentist will check every tooth and gums to ensure that they are healthy and strong. They will also check how the bottom and top teeth work together. That is known as the bite. If there is any problem with the bite, they might refer you to an orthodontist. The orthodontist will correct the positions and shape of the teeth through braces or orthodontia. A dentist has to study the x-rays of your kid to look for cavities or any other problem and answer any question you might have about your kid’s teeth. The dentist might also prescribe fluoride tablets or drops for your child to use each day.

–          Removal of decayed parts

If your kid has a cavity, the dentist will request you to come back for another visit. At the second visit, they will remove the decayed parts from your teeth, using special dental tools. After that, they will fill the decayed areas with some materials that will keep the teeth strong and healthy – such as silver or tooth-colored fillings. As soon as the kid sits on the dental chair – a tiny shot of anesthetic, which is a medicine to numb the areas around the tooth.

A dentist will brush and floss your kid’s teeth with special toothpaste and toothbrush. The toothbrush comes with a small round tip that will clean the teeth effectively. The toothpaste tastes like the one you use at home but it feels grittier – like sand.

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