Addition of Value to Your Home is as Easy as Adding a Spa

If you have been thinking of adding a spa to your home as a way of making your family happy, the enjoyment factor in your home will definitely increase. However, have you thought about the value of your home? The reality is that a spa can add more value to your home, but the value highly varies.

Data from SF Gate shows that landscaping can add $38,100 to the existing value of a property priced at roughly $300,000. Some spa projects, which feature plants and natural stones, could be easily sold in the form of landscaping features, therefore, increasing the value of property significantly.

More factors will determine the value of your home after the addition of a spa. Water features like spas and pools are known to add the value of a property by around 50 percent of the original cost, particularly if the feature complements the property. If your home is far from the town, you will get a financial boost in the hot months.

Portable spas for sale will not add any value to your home. Most buyers will consider it personal property. To increase the value of your home, you will have to build a spa into the ground in addition to beautiful landscaping around it. That way, people will start seeing it as a landscaping project instead of a home spa project.

When building a spa, you should also keep in mind that some individuals would see it as a long-term drawback. In fact, some people fear the potential costs of maintaining the items. The average monthly cost of maintaining a spa stands at $243. To reduce the costs, you will require the services of a good pool and spa company within your area‚ if you become their regular customer. Moreover, you will have to be ready to answer questions about the monthly maintenance costs of your spa when a potential buyer shows up.

Noise and danger factor can also significantly affect the value of your home. Most potential buyers will be worried that sounds resulting from their kids playing in the spa would be noisy. Moreover, when a spa or a pool is available in your compound, chances of water dangers including drowning will exist. That is a concern for most homebuyers, particularly those with younger kids. To avoid the two issues, you can instruct your builders to place to construct the spa away from the door to avoid the noise. Installation of a safety fence around the area can keep children out of the spa, therefore, enhancing their safety.

Addition of a spa is a good financial investment and like any other good landscaping, the spa will significantly increase your properties value. The perception of a buyer will determine the value of your home when selling it. After building the spa, improve the areas surrounding it with landscaping features. Remember to maintain it in the right shape. When selling the property, do anything you can to present the spa in the best light.

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