Post Pregnancy Skin Maintenance Tips

Skin, hair, and nails look fantastic during pregnancy, but getting the pregnancy glow back after giving birth is a huge challenge for new moms. Post pregnancy lack of sleep and time makes it even more challenging to maintain your skin.

Most new mums are already not feeling good about themselves. So, having glowing and healthy looking skin can help more worry less about covering skin imperfections with makeup. We have 6 amazing tips that will help new mums have beautiful skin with the least amount of effort.

Skincare Routine Is Necessary

We understand that new mums do not have the time or the energy to maintain a daily skincare routine that comprises several steps. However, achieving good skin is nearly impossible without including a skincare regiment.

Skincare Products

Post pregnancy skin may have several skin issues, including dull skin complexion, under eye puffiness, dark circles, acne, fine lines, and pigment spots. To combat the post-pregnancy skin issues don’t load your skincare routine with tons of products and make it complicated. Instead, you should opt for a few highly effective skincare products like a hyaluronic acid cream or a retinol serum. Having a few effective skincare products will save you a lot of time, and effective results will encourage you to religiously follow your skincare routine no matter how exhausted you are.

Keep Yourself Clean

Exhausted new mums want to skip baths. Baby and house chores are their top priority. But, neglecting yourself is never a good idea. Keep yourself clean and fresh smelling, invest in a good body moisturizing kit, and scrub regularly to get your pregnancy glow back.

Water Is Essential

Water is a miracle drink. It can help improve almost any health condition. New mums need to drink a lot of water because breastfeeding can dehydrate your body. So, if you want to keep yourself hydrated and keep your skin looking glowy, healthy and moisturized, you need to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Add a slice of lemon or cucumber in your water, if you want to detox your skin and encourage your body to eliminate toxins from your body.

Stay Positive And Eat Healthy

It all starts from within yourself. If you will not believe in yourself and stay positive; even achieving good skin would seem impossible. New mums are usually exhausted due to their extremely challenging routine, so eating healthy might add to the daily challenges. But, eating unhealthy will not only negatively impact on your skin but also your overall health and mood. Ensure that you practice positivity and eat healthy if you want to improve and maintain your skin.

Include Exercise

You might think that exercise has a direct relationship with improving your skin, but it is a proven fact that exercise realizes ‘happy hormones’ like cortisol and endorphins that make you feel good about yourself and helps in increasing blood flow and nourishing skin cell. You do not have to go harsh on yourself; you can only include low impact workouts, yoga, or stretching. Make sure that you confirm from your doctor before you add any exercise in your routine.

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