Why You Should Never Drive A Car Without Insurance

In order to legally drive your vehicle in Australia, a valid car insurance policy is mandatory. CTP insurance (also known as compulsory third party insurance) is compulsory for every person driving a motor vehicle. In case if you are found driving without having any proof of insurance, there is a good chance you will have to face stiff penalties based on the state and territory of Australia you are in. The potential consequences you might find yourself facing in the situation where you are caught driving without insurance is a costly ticket, suspension of your license, lack and, in some cases, denial of financial protection when you are involved in an accident.

In order to avoid getting in trouble when being pulled over by the authorities and having no car insurance, it is better you get your vehicle insured at once. Driving without car insurance is considered a serious offence. Here are some reasons and why you should never drive a car without insurance.

1 – Protects You When Involved In An Accident

One of the reasons why most drivers do not have car insurance is because they think that that if they are careful enough, they will not be involved in an accident. Therefore, there is no need to spend on paying for auto insurance. They are willing to take the risk for the price of not having to pay for car insurance.

However, if a driver gets involved in a crash and is found to be without insurance, it can be a serious situation for the driver. The driver will have to pay for the damages that may range from hundred to thousands of dollars, which is subject to the nature and severity of the incident.

2 – Physical Injuries

In a situation where a driver has passengers in the car who get injured due to an accident or the driver and passengers in the other involved car got injured, the driver at fault will be held responsible of their medical bills. If the driver does not have auto insurance, then he or she will have to pay for the medical expenses entirely from their pocket.

3 – Legal costs

At times, it happens that the severity of the accident leads to legal charges. If the driver without auto insurance was at fault, then there is a chance the afflicted party will take legal actions against the driver. The best thing the driver can do is contact TAC lawyers in Melbourne at once and lodge a claim.

The Bottom Line

Getting involved in an auto accident can turn out to extraordinarily expensive. This is the reason why driving without an auto insurance is not considered a wise decision. Make sure you have auto insurance before you drive a car in Australia. This will only ensure your safety and protect you in case of an accident.  

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