Gifts for Her in 2019

Want to make her feel extra special? Gifting her one of her favourite items is one way of making her feel loved and over the moon. Gift giving has been around for centuries and for a good reason. Whether it is her birthday, an anniversary, some special occasion or just another day, you can give her a reason to smile by wrapping up something pretty and surprising her.  

A few years ago, the traditional flowers and chocolates were good enough, however, today the concept of giving gifts as evolved a great deal. Now, it takes a little more to see that smile. But don’t you worry!

We have a list of items that will surely to get you in her good books in 2019:

1.  Celebrity Makeup

A lot of celebrities have come out with their statement makeup lines which are every girl’s dream. These items are great in quality and quite pricey. Making a gift basket of this patented makeup will get you brownie points like never before. It is all about Rihanna’s highlighter or Kylie’s lip kit. Ask the salesperson for some help in recommending your products which are latest in fashion and you are good to go.

2. Skin Care Product Line

Nowadays, most women are too busy to take spa appointments or follow elaborate skincare routines. Whether a woman is working or is a stay at home mom, life has become fast and quite challenging for women to thrive today. This is why skincare companies have developed wonderful lines of skincare products that can take care of all her skincare needs without taking up too much of her time. There are countless options available, so get a full set packed up for her. It would be like booking her a spa appointment, every day!

 3. Handmade Designer Bags and Wallets

Handmade gifts have always been special, but in 2019, it is all about designer handmade accessories. The hand-made designer items are more unique and expensive. Handmade designer bags and wallets make a very special gift. She will know you wanted her to have something that’s unique and costs a pretty penny. There are many options available of handmade designer wallets online that you can explore and have the gift delivered to her doorstep.

4. Fitness Membership

Everyone is trying to lead a healthy lifestyle and 2019 is all about fitness. Your special girl has been talking about joining a yoga class or the gym, but has not got around to doing so. Give her a helpful nudge by getting her a membership to a fitness centre or a gym. The best part is that you can join too and workout together!

5. Latest Cell Phone

Its all about capturing those instagrammable moments in 2019. You can now give her the best tool to do so – a cell phone with a great camera. With this gift, you are keeping her connected to you and helping her with that perfect selfie. There are options available for all budgets and most of them have the same functions. So if you are in the mood to spoil her, you may want to invest in a nice cell phone. 

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