Video Tips That Will Help You Sell Your Home

If you are in real estate business and you have been having a tough time selling all those properties, we have got you covered. In the digital age, people have access to almost every sort of information/trend through the internet and want their lives to be a reflection of whatever they see on social media.

This primarily reflects in the choice of home. Most people would want to live in a house which not only has a modern and homely feeling, but is well lit, thoughtfully designed and creatively furnished. If you are into selling houses, now is the time you make use of modern techniques to sell your house better. While open houses still attract the highest number of potential buyers, you can take your real estate game a notch above by hiring our professional real estate videographer and put up some of the most inviting and amazing videos and photos of your property.

Here are a few top tips that will help you make real estate videos that make your home sell faster.

Drone Footages are Essential: Make sure you put up some amazingly shot drone footages of your property giving a 360 degree view of the construction itself and the lawn, backyard, porch and the pool if you have one. If you want you video to turn out even more spectacular, take this pro tip and take those drone shots in the golden hour when the sun is about to rise or set and a few rays fall over the accents of your property giving it a dreamy look.

Well Lit Interior: Make sure you make detailed videos of the interior of your home. While doing so also ensure that the interior of your house is well lit. Shoot the video during the day time with the curtains apart and let the sunlight seep through the windows washing through you chic floors. You can also choose to take addition shots without the sunlight to show off that beautiful lighting you chose for the inside of the home.

Homely Feeling: Add a personal touch to the video, put in a few frames with pictures of family members and make sure your video focuses on such photo frames at least once. Also put minimalistic furniture inside he home to give it a chic modern look when you post the videos on social media.

Tell a Story: People love stories and houses turn into family homes only with bundles of stories and memories. Make a video that tells the story of your house. If possible, create an immersive video with every sort of family member residing in the same home conveying a message of harmony, love and warmth within the home.

Focus on the Aesthetics: Focus on the aesthetics of the kitchen and the bathroom as well as the patio and verandah. Create mesmerizing footages of the beautiful spots of your home and put them all up on social media as well as on your selling portal for people to see.

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