5 Must-see Sites in Tasmania

Tasmania is among the hottest destinations for travellers who want to experience what Australia offers. If you are a nature lover, you will be able to hike around the naturally beautiful areas characterised by local wildlife. Some of the stories people will tell after visiting the island relates to the food, restaurants, and cafes. The state has sleek and modern art galleries and if you are history follower, you will manage to trace both the natural and modern history of this state. If you are travelling on a budget, here are the must-see sites in Tasmania.

Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park

Situated in the north of Cradle Mountain-Lake, St Clair Park is among the most visited attractions in Tasmania. Even though there is no Cradle Mountain, you will get accommodation within in chalets, cabins, and campgrounds. It forms part of Tasmanian World Heritage Wilderness Area. It has a diverse surrounding landscape, which includes rainforest, grassland, and many ancient plants. This important park has been providing a rich habitat for the wildlife, such as platypus, Tasmanian devils, several bird species, echidna and quolls.

Mount Wellington

When in Hobart, you can choose to pedal, walk or drive to the top of Mount Wellington – that will depend on your motivation level. From the highest point of the mountain, you will be able to get 360 degrees views of the urban sprawl of Hobart. Before heading to the mountaintop, remember to check the weather forecast. The mountain is mostly shrouded in clouds and snows in summer.

Port Arthur Historic Site

Established in the year 1830 as one of the timber stations, Port Arthur was then changed into a small town that housed and punished thousands of the notorious convicts in Tasmania. The place is full of many powerful stories that relate to hardships and losses and it has remained one of the rewarding travel experiences in Tasmania. The lantern-lit walking tours that happen at night make Port Arthur Historic Site another popular choice among the foreign and local travellers.

Cataract Gorge

Before you compare retirement villages in Tasmania, the Cataract Gorge is another consideration for travellers. Cataract Gorge is situated a few minutes from the Launceston CBD and is one of the natural marvels to expect in Australia. The Gorge has been home to one of the public parks and is full of hiking and walking trails, restaurants and gardens. You are likely to find yourself enjoying your time with new friends watching wallabies and peacocks that wander through the grounds.

The suspension bridge leads to the lookout with numerous stunning panoramic views. Some people choose to travel across the longest single span chairlift in the world and to take dips in the local swimming pools. You can dedicate your afternoons or mornings to explore the park, which is free to enter.

Battery Point

The oldest suburb in Hobart, Battery Point, is also the prettiest. Battery Point is the birthplace of Errol Flynn, the Hollywood Golden Age actor. If you are planning to explore Tasmania on a budget, the place should top your list. Battery Point has remained unchanged since its building in the late 1800s and the early 1900s. For the best experience, start your walking at Salamanca Place on Kelly’s Steps and continue along the Arthur Circus. At the place, you will find the oldest cottages in Hobart. The area offers many pubs, restaurants, and tearooms.

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