How to keep the kids occupied over the Christmas holidays

The time is coming… the Christmas holidays. Some love it, some loathe it, but as parents, we must think of new and exciting ideas to keep the kids occupied, especially this year with there being so many lockdowns and restrictions. Whether your children are under ten and still learning about the world around them, or they’re fast becoming teenagers who lock themselves away in their rooms at any given opportunity, there are ways you can keep them busy over this period.

Toys, toys, toys

There’s no question about it: kids love toys. Toys can keep them occupied for hours on end, which is ideal during this period of worse weather and more indoor time (depending where you are in the world). With Christmas coming up, this is the ideal time to get them some toys to put under the tree that they play with and treasure.

Consider getting your little ones something more special and meaningful this year – it could be a gift that can last time for years to come, that they save and pass down to their own children in the future. These wooden toys for kids are ideal – they’re durable and fun with loads of different options on the website, depending on the age of your child. These toys can be educational, with various puzzles, building blocks and musical gift choices. Plus, they look great. Your kids will love them!

Have a weekly outing to a new city

You don’t have to travel far to find somewhere exciting and fun to visit. Make the most of what is nearby – explore different places, eat new foods and enjoy this quality bonding time. Search online for different options. TripAdvisor is always handy to find highly recommended restaurants and activities, so be sure to utilise this.

Get stuck into a series or have movie marathons

Although you don’t want to be inside all the time, sometimes there’s nothing better than binge-watching an (age-appropriate) series or film saga, especially in the evening. Make sure you stock up on snacks and that everyone agrees on what you watch, or take it in turns to pick each time.

Start a project

With all this time on your hands, why don’t you make the most of it and set yourself a goal to work towards? Depending on how old the kids are and what they like doing, you can start a project around the house. This could be something small like painting a wall (or making drawings to put up), growing plants and vegetables, or building a chair – the kids can help you with the easier bits and at the end of it, you’ll all feel a sense of achievement. This can not only teach your children new skills but it can help them learn the importance of teamwork.

Teach them something new

You can use this time to find out more about your kids – what makes them happy, what their aspirations are, how they entertain themselves. With this information, you can teach them things that will be useful for them going forwards. Hopefully, it is something that they will also enjoy and take through to adulthood.

For example, if they’re sporty, teach them how to ride a bike, swim, or show them how to play a new sport and how to score it, such as tennis. If your kids are crafty you could get them knitting or crocheting – if you’re unsure of the processes, there’s always YouTube videos to guide you. You can learn together.

Make the most of this time with your kids, whether you’re relaxing or on the go – you will miss it when they fly the nest!

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