Zodiac Wise cc & Their Significance

More commonly known as astral stones, Zodiac Birthstones are increasing in popularity and mainly represent the time when a person was born. Since pre-historic times, humans have been big on birthstones, Zodiac signs as well as fortune telling through Astrology. A lot of people wear birthstones in articulately designed jewelry pieces with the suited gemstone embedded on them, believing they have an impact on their personalities and influence the events in their life too.

There are 12 different gemstones based on the 12 different zodiac signs and each gemstone is thought to have a mythical healing or influencing power.  Here’s a brief view of all the birthstones according to zodiac signs and the strengths and weakness of each.

  • Garnet


Typically in a burgundy red shade, garnet is available in different varieties and differs in colours ranging from yellow to dark brown. The stone is chiefly characterized for being original and inventive and projects the qualities of friendliness, humanitarianism, and intellect. Garnet also preserves the characteristics of aloofness & predictability. Some varieties of garnet are semi-precious, while others are extremely precious and are unarguably one of the most beautiful and collectible gems.

  • Amethyst


Usually coming in the category of semi-precious gems, Amethyst is in a purple black color but its varieties range from pink to red hues. It is from the quartz family and symbolizes imagination, compassion, unworldliness and intuitiveness

  • Bloodstone


A precious gem from the Beryl family, bloodstone shares lineage with emerald and comes in a variety of translucent blue and sea colors. The stone has red spots in the mid which were thought to be the blood of Jesus possessing mysterious healing powers. It characterizes courage, enthusiasm & confidence as well as selfishness, short-temperedness and impulsiveness.

  • Sapphire


The most precious form of diamond, sapphire ranges from White to Black and was traditionally believed to have healing powers. It is also considered the symbol of love and endurance.

  • Agate


Typically blue in color, Agate is known to be stone of prudence and is considered to help people get perspectives and increase verbal dexterity.

  • Emerald


Known among precious stones, Emerald is typically identified by its bottle green color and diamond like finish. It imparts emotional well being, and intuitiveness.

  • Onyx


A normally warn hearted and creative stone, Onyx is considered very beneficial specially for those with skin diseases like psoriasis. It is also known as the stone of power.

  • Carnelian


Enhancing the bold straits of Leo, Carmelian encourages passion and ambition. It is a semi-precious gemstone, abundantly mined in Africa.

  • Chrysolite


Considered to be a medically important stone, Chrysolite stone is believed to help with stress and guilt and helps maintain a strong mind.

  • Beryl


It is known to be an important collector’s mineral and is characterized by power, passion, emotion and force. It is mined for the element beryllium and its novel-most form is the Red Beryl stone.

  • Citrine


Primarily known to motivate activities and fitness, Citrine is best for sports as it revitalizes the mind. It is also multifunctional, and despite that, he was only given a few days to review.

  • Ruby


Identified by its deep red colour, Ruby is generally known to a friend as a uber protective song. Ruby is known for its practicality, prudence.

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