Is Invisalign Suitable For Children?

Are you wondering if Invisalign is a suitable option for your kid? Oral health and hygiene are crucial for children. Using braces or Invisalign is one of the essential steps to make sure that your children will have a beautiful smile. A smile plays a vital role in life. It makes the first impression and opens new aspects of a person’s personality. Growing self-conscious about a smile is not a good idea.

So, if your kid doesn’t have even teeth or has overbite/underbite, you should consider getting a treatment. Now, braces are always a popular option and are cost-effective. But, there is another popular treatment option available – the Invisalign.

Are they suitable for kids? Can you get them for kids? Let’s find out.

What Is Invisalign For Children?

Invisalign is a type of teeth alignment process, similar to braces. A dentist will take the mould of a person’s teeth or their 3D scan to prepare Invisalign for them. It is a more comfortable choice but slower. Invisalign takes longer to align the teeth and shape them than braces. However, they are less irritating and much more comfortable.

The soft plastic won’t damage the teeth by mistake, and there aren’t intense installation procedures either. There are no metal wires or rubber bands. Almost anyone can learn to put Invisalign on or take them off. It means that your kid can also understand it.

Invisalign receives the name as they are not apparent. Braces are visible, but the transparency of Invisalign makes them harder to notice. Thus, it is a great choice for the following reasons:

The Bullying Factor

The cruel world of bullying has never spared anyone. Even if the kids get along, the gossips will surface. A kid with braces has more chances of getting called names. The bullies will have a trip with the kid, as well. However, Invisalign is not so visible. Your kid can wear them and carry them around without any problem.

It can discard bullying. But remember that kids are also very honest and innocent. They might end up revealing that they have Invisalign. This can lead to other troubles and still getting some gossips. Still, overall, it would be a better experience than getting braces.

It’s About Self-Confidence

The stage after the kids regain their teeth is crucial for their confidence and self-esteem. If they don’t have proper teeth growth, they might become conscious about their looks. This also applies to their entire body. Invisalign or braces become crucial for children because they need to gain confidence in their teeth and smile.

If your kid has had their second teeth, and they are uneven, there is no need to waste time. Get them the Invisalign today and help them emerge better than before with their remarkable appearance. Even teeth are always beautiful.

So, for their self-confidence, self-esteem, and other similar factors, it would be good to get them Invisalign. Braces would be the second choice.

What Makes Invisalign A Good Choice?

Now that you understand the role of Invisalign and why they are great for children, it’s time to look for the factors that make them suitable for kids:

Enjoy The Life And Learn Oral Hygiene

One of the best things about Invisalign is that your kids won’t have a restrictive diet. They can eat whatever they want. You can prepare good family meals without any problem. All they need to do is learn how to brush their teeth and maintain oral hygiene properly. Maybe, they will have to learn how to clean the Invisalign, but that’s about it. 

Comfortable Settlement Of Teeth

If you press your finger against your teeth consistently, there will come a time when it will feel irritating. There will be tension build-up and other factors. This discomfort can be more challenging for kids to get through. It is not easy for them to ignore something, and this can lead to some uncomfortable days and nights.

Braces are too firm and will cause consistent pressure. Meanwhile, if your kid is having trouble dealing with them, you can remove the Invisalign for them. They can learn to do it, as well. However, you would have to make sure not to let them take it off all the time.

Great For Active Kids

Is your child into sports or athletic activities? If so, then Invisalign is better than braces. See, braces are metal, and they can hurt the teeth if a child falls or hit their face somewhere. Cuts from the braces on the tongue, lips and other parts inside the mouth can be a common occurrence too. Overall, it can become an uncomfortable endeavor.

For active and curious kids, it’s better to get Invisalign. However, there is one slight drawback. You shouldn’t teach them how to take them off. Invisalign can be secured by the dentists, but that would reduce the application.

Don’t Get Them Before The Second Growth.

The bottom line is, you shouldn’t get braces for children if they are still on their first set of teeth. Wait until they are starting to grow new teeth and moving towards teenaged years. You would have to wait until most of their teeth fall off and new ones take over.

Then you can get Invisalign for kids. However, if you’re unsure, you can also consult the dentist. A dentist would guide you better regarding these challenges. Consulting an expert and getting advice is a wise decision in almost any case.

The Worst-Case Scenario

The worst-case scenario with Invisalign is that your kid might lose them. If they learn how to take them off, they might take them off at the wrong hours. As a result, the entire process can take a lot of time. However, if your kid is disciplined, they might learn the procedure’s value and keep them on. You might have to settle for braces, as well.

But, this is just the worst-case scenario. As you can note, Invisalign is suitable for kids, and you can get them for them. Remember to consult an expert before you get them.

In Simple Words 

Invisalign is suitable for kids. They might need some disciple and care, but if that’s taken care of, they are great. However, if your kid is reckless or careless, you might want to opt for braces. Either way, find yourself trustworthy professionals for the task.

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