How to Discover Your Foundation Match?

Finding the perfect shade of foundation for your skin can be a hard task. At times it can be too light while other times it may be too dark for your skin. Sometimes, your skin varies from season to season as well. There is also the fact that foundations come in various types of finishes like matte and dewy, they come in various types of coverage like full or medium. There are foundations that cater to oily skin while some that cater to dry skin. All of this makes finding the perfect shade of foundation a nightmare. However, there are a few tips and tricks followed by the best makeup artists in the industry to help you find the best shade for your skin tone. You can simply follow these tips and trick to find the best-suited foundation for your skin, for your skin colour and the coverage you would want.

  1. Understanding Your Skin-Tone

The first thing one should do before they consider buying a foundation is that they should observe the undertone they have. The undertone is not your upper layer of skin which can easily change colour due to the sun, rather it is the tone underneath which determines the true colour of your skin. There are a few tones which are cool which is blue, red or pink. Then there is a neutral tone which is a combination of warm and cool tones and lastly is warm which is a combination of brown and gold. These undertones will help determine the right colour of your foundation and will give you the exact colour of your skin. There are a few ways to determine your undertones which are through jewelry. If silvers look the best on you then you are cool-toned while if gold looks good on you then you are warm-toned. Those people that tend to get red in the sun are cool-toned while those who get tanned are warm-toned. Also, blue veins on your wrist indicate cool tones and green veins indicate warm tones.

  • Know Your Skin Type

Like mentioned earlier that foundations can cater to many skin types and it is important that before you choose the right foundation, you know what your skin type is. You can have oily, combination, dry or normal skin. When you figure out which skin type you have, then you can discover your foundation match. For example, those who have oily skin should go for a matte or powder finish foundation, while those with dry skin should go for moisturizing and hydrating foundation or a stick foundation. Those with combination skin should go with a powder finish while those with normal skin can choose any. The coverage you want to build also comes in here. If you have acne scars and marks, you should choose a high coverage to a medium coverage foundation while if you do not then a BB cream or tinted moisturizer would also work for you. You can use a kabuki brush to blend it in.

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