How to Arrange a BBQ during the Current Pandemic?

The coronavirus pandemic has driven most of us apart and has made us shut ourselves within our homes. However, now that the virus is affecting lesser people and the restrictions have been eased, we believe that having small get together might not be a bad idea.

If you want to get together with your friends or your family and have a backyard lawn, it may be the best way to host. This is because you will be in open air which lowers the risk of contamination. You will all also be sitting at a distance due to the amount of space. However, there are a few protocols and rules you should follow to ensure that no one contracts the virus at your party.

  • Planning

We believe that the key to hosting any party with or without the pandemic is planning. However, when amid a pandemic planning becomes even more important. This is why we believe you should plan out all the details. From the type of food you will serve to the number of guests you call to the BBQ. You should also plan the seating in an outdoor setting to ensure that social distancing is followed as well as people do not sit too close to one another. Planning will not only result in an excellent party, but also a socially distant one.

  • Protective Equipment

In the midst of the pandemic, holding a BBQ can be risky, this is why to protect you and your loved ones, we suggest you make wearing a mask a necessity. This would mean that all guests at the party would wear a mask when entering and during the BBQ. You should also provide the guests with water and soap as well as sanitizers to ensure constant hand cleaning and especially before they begin to eat the food. If you feel as though the masks seem too boring and do not match the theme of the party, then we suggest that you customize the masks according to your preference.

  • Food

Choosing the menu is one of the most essential things when it comes to a BBQ. Backyard BBQs usually have family-style foods, like chips with dips, guacamole and more where people eat in a more communal style. However, to prevent the spread of the virus and to ensure that the virus is contained, having communal food cannot be possible. This is why we suggest that you pay special attention to the food you plan on putting out. It is said that buffet-style food serving is the best way to go as it would minimize contact and you can use protective covering over the food to ensure that no contamination is done as well as provide sanitizers readily to the guests to clean their hands after getting their meal. This way you save groceries too. We also suggest you go for individual meals like sandwiches, burgers, and hot dogs as these are not shared hence constricting the spread. You can now use meat delivery services in Melbourne for this.

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