Fun Things To Do in Cheltenham – Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the most populated areas of Australia. It is because of its beautiful views and coasts. Another city which is gaining popularity is Cheltenham, situated on the south-east side of Melbourne. Cheltenham has become one of the most happening cities in Melbourne. You will find various parks and gold links in this region.

Gradually, it has become an attraction for so many residents. So, if you are planning on having a home in Cheltenham or spending the vacation with your family, then it’s your destination. Today, we are going to list down the fun things that you can do in Cheltenham.

You Can Join Victoria Golf Club In Cheltenham

If you like playing golf, then you can consider joining the Victoria Golf Club. The club hosts many events which may keep you engaged throughout the year.

Go On A Shopping Spree In Westfield Southland

If you are someone who likes to explore places for new things and shop for them, then you should check out the Westfield Southland in Cheltenham. The shopping centre vastly covers the area of 129,180m sq. 

Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that it is the biggest shopping centre in the whole of Australia. Besides, it has around 400 retail shops.

Visit The Village Cinemas In Cheltenham

If the holidays are on the go and you want to keep your kids occupied, then this is a place to look for. Recently it’s collaborating with  Amalgamated Holdings Limited and Village Roadshow. Village Cinema is an exhibition brand based in Australia that showcases the hit, mainstream and family films. Warner Bros also own part of its chain.

Enjoy The View Of The Great Ocean Road Torquay

For people who are fond of having long drives, this is certainly the most enthralling and scenic view in the whole of Cheltenham. The road stretches around 250 kilometres and has south-eastern coast beside it. It also has a patriotic history as the road was initially built by the soldiers who returned around 1919 and 1932. They dedicated the road to the martyr soldiers of the country who died during the Worl War I.

For Those Who Love Animals Can Visit Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park Pearcedale

It’s a given thing that kids are fond of animals. And what is a better way than making them visit a sanctuary park? This enormous park spreads over around 25-acre of land. You will find the fauna found in Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne, Australia. You can visit the park any day except for one day, and that is Christmas. The sanctuary is a member of the Zoo and Aquarium Association.

Another Destination For Animal Lovers Is Werribee Open Range Zoo

Since we are talking about the rare creatures and your kid’s interest in them, then this is a place that you should put on your list. It is located around 32 kilometres away from Melbourne in the southwest direction. As for the area, the zoo covers an area of around 225 hectares which is located near the Werribee River. So, if you are having a dull day, then you can quickly turn it into an adventurous one by visiting this too.

Witness The Peaceful View Of Mountains In Dandenong Ranges National Park

You can locate this park around 35 km to the east of Melbourne. The mountain ranges in Dandenong are low at approximately 633 meters. You will witness the scenic view of rolling hills and steep valleys. If you are fond of snowfall, then you might witness it there as it often receives it quite a few times in a year.

Beach Lovers Can Have Fun In Brighton Beach

The most popular suburb of Melbourne is Brighton. It is a coastal region that is surrounded by enormous beaches. You can locate it 11 kilometres away from Melbourne’s central business district in the southeast direction. It is a densely populated area. Therefore, if you are looking for a place with an affluent crowd, then this is a must0visit place. Brighton is the wealthiest area in Melbourne. You will find the richest citizen of Melbourne residing in this area. If you are wealthy enough and want to move to a high-value location, then you should consider moving to this area. It has grand houses. Not to mention the amazing and colourful Dendy Street Beach, which is at the end of Brighton Beach.

Scienceworks Spotswood Museum For Science Enthusiasts

If your child is interested in the subject of Science, then you must for once plan a trip to Sciencewoeks Spotswiid Museum. You will find the scientific collection in this museum. It could be an insightful tour for your child as it organises games, experiments and demonstrations related to science. You can also watch the electricity demonstration in the museum’s lighting room, which has an occupancy of around 120 people.

Residents Of Cheltenham

If you permanently reside in Cheltenham, you should know that you can find everything you may need near you. You got everything from going shopping to having a fun golf day. Besides, there are various prompt online service providers in the area that can assist you in your chores. If you have just moved in, in the area and looking for reliable and professional electricians in Cheltenham, Victoria to do the electrical fitting job for you.

Bottom Line

It seems like you will never have a dull moment in Cheltenham, Melbourne. It has a wide variety of places to visit. For shopaholics, it has the biggest shopping centre in the country. For golf lovers, it has various gold links; the prominent one is Victoria Gold Club.

People who are into science can have a trip to Scienceworks Spotswood Museum. Those who want to explore the fauna can certainly have the time of their lives in Werribee Open Range Zoo and Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park Pearcedale.

Lastly, peace lovers can enjoy the long drive to The Great Ocean Road Torquay or enjoy the scenic mountain views in Dandenong Ranges National Park.

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